Edited Collections

Entanglements: Activism and Technology
Editors: Pip Shea, Tanya Notley, and Jean Burgess
Publication: Fibreculture Journal. Issue 26. 2015

Book chapters

Fabbing the Chinese Maker Idenitity
Authors: Xin Gu and Pip Shea
Publication: Critical Makers Reader
Editors: Loes Bogers and Letizia Chiappini
Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam. Forthcoming.

Hacker Agency and the Raspberry Pi: Informal Education and Social Innovation in a Belfast Makerspace
Author: Pip Shea

Publication: Making Our World: The Hacker and Maker Movements In Context
Editors: Jeremy Hunsinger and Andrew Schrock
Publisher: Peter Lang, New York. 2018.

Civic Practices, Design, and Makerspaces
Author: Pip Shea
Publication: Negotiating Digital Citizenship: Control, Contest and Culture
Editors: Anthony McCosker, Son Vivienne and Amelia Johns
Publisher: Rowman and Littlefield, London. 2016.


Makerspaces and urban ideology: the institutional shaping of Fab Labs in China and Northern Ireland
Authors: Pip Shea and Xin Gu
Publication: Journal of Peer Production, Issue 12, 2018

DIY Citizenship in the ‘New Northern Ireland’: the Case of a Belfast Makerspace
Author: Pip Shea
Publication: The Civic Media Project, 2015
An Initiative of the Engagement Lab at Emerson College and MIT Press.

Co-Creating Knowledge Online: Approaches for Community Artists
Author: Pip Shea

Publication: Cultural Science. 6:1, 2013

Public Service Broadcasting, Creative Industries and Innovation Infrastructure: The Case of ABC’s Pool
Authors: Chris Wilson, Jonathan Hutchinson, and Pip Shea
Publication: Australian Journal of Communication. 37:3, 2010

PhD thesis

Community Arts and Appropriate Internet Technology: Participation, Materiality, and the Ethics of Sustainability in the Networked Era
Author: Pip Shea
Field: Media & Communication
Queensland University of Technology, 2014.

Conference papers

Appropriate Technology Design and Digital Social Innovation
Author: Pip Shea

Paper presentation at the Cultural Diversity and Technology Design Workshop, Communities & Technologies 2015, Limerick.

Northern Ireland's Creative Meshworks: Tracing Ad Hoc Knowledge Exchange
Authors: Pip Shea, Miriam Haughton, Michael Alcorn, Karen Fleming
Paper presentation at Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA). London, 2014.

Resistance is Feral: Community Arts, Digital Culture, and the New Cultural Gatekeepers
Author: Pip Shea

Paper presented at the International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA). Sydney, 2013

Visualising Invisible Networks as Collaborative Arts Practice
Author: Pip Shea
Paper presented at the International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA). Istanbul, Turkey, 2011

Catalogue essays

Art and the Digital Fabrication Turn
Author: Pip Shea

Commissioned by Fab Lab Northern Ireland as part of the Future Artist-Makers exhibition and residency program, 2016.


Appropriate Approaches to Online Community
Author: Pip Shea
Community Arts and the Internet Field Guides, 2011

Co-creating Knowledge Online
Author: Pip Shea
Community Arts and the Internet Field Guides, 2012