Excellent Amazon/Pirate Bay intervention

Pirates of the Amazon is an art project and website that provided a Firefox add-on that changed the experience of browsing Amazon.com by putting a "Download 4 Free" button on top of every product - whether a CD, DVD or book - also listed as a bittorrent on The Pirate Bay. Clicking the button on the Amazon.com product page for, say, Madonna's latest album would yield a background search on The Pirate Bay and start up a bittorrent client to download a corresponding torrent. Created by postgrad art students in the Netherlands, this mashup of the largest online retailer and the largest BitTorrent tracker, aims to “be a counterpart to the current models of media distribution”. The project addresses the topic of current media distribution models vs. current culture and technical possibilities.

It was online for one day before Amazon's lawyers had it taken down.