Artist: Subodh Gupta

Curry by Subodh Gupta Indian artist Subodh Gupta works in a wide range of mediums from sculpture and painting to installation, photography, video and performance. He elevates the status of found objects from everyday items of rural India to artworks - cow dung, milk buckets, kitchen utensils, scooters, guns and gulal powder.

Gupta works from his own experience of the stark contrasts present in a country which combines rural simplicity and growing urban globalisation. He works with existing objects and a wide range of materials to create emblems and symbols of the society around him. In their simplicity they reflect the social, economic and cultural complexities of India today. He chooses items such as bicycles and or a bucket, or makes castes of luggage or life size cows as familiar symbols of everyday life. An Ambassador taxi with caste bronze luggage on top or cooking utensils in serried rows are presented as seductive stereotypes.

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