The Global Indian

I was just reading about this site in a free mag for Indian expats. It's a 'portal' that aims to equip aspriational Indians with knowledge about other cultures for business purposes. It even has a gigantic flash intro that takes an eternity to download - a real treat: "Lead the new generation of Indian companies being created today. Get one of the million new jobs to be created by 2008. Transcend your technical skills to build your cross-cultural I.Q. Interact confidently across cultural boundaries. Know yourself. Adapt to the world. Feel at home anywhere."

While I was reading the article, I had a moment of repressed memory recall. When I was a kid (about 10ish), my dad took me to a meeting called S.W.A.P. (I can't remember the details of the acronym). The meeting was held in the North Sydney McDonalds kids party room, and the very first thing we did was repeat this statement about 10 times: "I'M ALIVE! I'M WELL! I FEEL GREAT!" 4 real.